The meaning of Crop Circles

2007 06 28, Woodshead

  Woodshead, formation with rare powder

Formation at Woodshead © Randell.

Formation at Woodshead © Randell.


   At Wednesday evening , June 27th of 2007 I read at “” a message about the latest crop circle developments at Bosschenhoofd (the Netherlands). Seeing that, in spite of making progress in the field of crop circle research, I never stood in a crop formation yet, I decide this time to take a chance and go there the next day.

When I arrive that Thursday at about five after having been in endless traffic-jams I notice two women in the field. I enter the formation in which they are standing but I don’t really notice a clear energy. Also the way the circle looks like disappoints me. While I strike up an acquaintance with these women my eye catches a small heap of white powder in the middle. I somehow can’t grasp this thing because I know that powder in crop formations is an extreme rarity. Upon that there is quite a lot of it… All together a feeling of somebody putting a joke on me comes stealing upon me. Also because Robbert van den Broeke who’s reputation is heavily damaged had discovered this formation.

Crop circle powder, © Randell.

Crop circle powder, © Randell.

Pretty soon the women go away so that I have the kingdom for my own. I go to the other formation in the same field. I feel, I look, I inspect but I can’t get a grip on the situation. I decide to at least put some of that powder in plastic bag. After all, you never know how a cow catches a hare. Then I make some pictures and after that I make myself comfortable by laying down in one of the two formations that I know of. It must be said that for many years I’m dealing with chronicle tiredness disease and normally spoken I would at this moment of the day have been needing a nap. For sure after such a tiring trip of 155 kilometres full of traffic jams and hectically madness but while I’m laying there notice that I’m hardly tired at all. Curious.

After a little while of making no sense just laying there I stand up again and notice further on in the field three man standing there. I go to see them. They turn out to be Peter Vanlaerhoven, Robbert van den Broeke and his father. They are standing in a circle that is only just recently discovered.. It is kind of an egg shaped circle in which also powder has been found…

While I strike up my acquaintance with these man I notice that I feel exited while I wouldn’t know why. I feel a bit light in the head have a little difficulty to keep my natural rest. Peter and Robbert lit up a cigarette which for some reason I can’t grasp. There’s something strange in the way I perceive things just like the talk that they resume. Hard to explain really. A clear Déjà-vu experience makes it all complete. In a very gentle and mild way I have become high without fully being aware of it.

   We go to the cars in order to exchange address-cards. Peter goes auguring. Robbert and his father go home. I decide to do some video-recording. It gets crowded when a group of people arrive that are also into ley-lines and similar things. I let Peter make a picture of me in the formation of which I took the powder and by then I feel so incredibly strange that I really have to leave the crop.

Me at one of the powderformations, © Peter Vanlaerhoven.

Me at one of the powder formations, © Peter Vanlaerhoven.

    At my car I’m shaking on my legs. I feel sick, nearly have to vomit. There is a strong urge to blow. My head is spinning. I feel lost and totally disoriented. After about ten minutes of puffing I become strong enough to take place behind the steering-wheel. When I drive away I am sure of one thing… these formations are definitely real!

At the third formation, © Randell.

At the third formation, © Randell.

So, then I had crop circle powder. But what could this mysterious powder possibly mean?


Crop circle powder

(part 2)       

The other formation at Woodshead, © Randell.

The other formation at Woodshead, © Randell.

   The next Saturday a little party was planned for which I was invited by Roos. It would be a spiritual type of party whereby everybody would do some kind of creative something. Rascha organised it so it took place at Egmond where she lives. Roos and Martin would show up with the house on wheels in order to perform so that a ferry-tale-like day was already guaranteed. The specific “something” that I would contribute was after my adventure of last Thursday not difficult anymore. To save it as very special I determined not to say anything about it on forehand.

The Fairy Tale Wagon at Rascha's.

The Fairy Tale Wagon at Rascha’s.


Rascha’s party and the channel with “Oernia”.

(by Roos Kanis, July 4th, 2007)

    The crop circle powder was in the middle of the circle. Everybody was sceptical and giggly. Me as well. Martin placed a little bit on his hand and took a nip of it in his mouth. I didn’t see anything happening with him so I did the same to know for sure that this was just a joke. I took a little out of the little tray and looked at it on my finger. Soon something magical happened. I saw a very bright fluorescent blue light shining from the powder. As in some kind of ferry-tale movie so magical. The powder turned out to be nearly transparent as if it wasn’t some kind of dusty substance. It was from a very high frequency and radiated a high energy. I dipped a little bit on my tongue and what I left over I rubbed out over my left hand palm. Within seconds a dense feeling went through my hand palm. From there my fingers started to tingle heavily. The place where I rubbed the powder felt heavy and deep. This feeling radiated to my arm till my elbow. My tongue started to tingle as well and my heart-chakra begun to turn fast so that the kundalini power in my body was activated. On top of that I felt sick in the stomach, there everything turned around.

    While this was happening Randell told us that this powder could very well contain the alchemistic gold. According to him the ancient Egyptians knew this substance as well and it played a central role in the high culture of the old dynasties. He thought we had to be very careful with the doses and the effects of it. He didn’t want to play games with it and took his find very serious. He told us what he experienced and felt at the crop formation. The “symptoms” were similar to what I felt at that moment so I begun to tell the group what I was going through.    

Amenhotep III, farao of the 18th dinasty, gets the miraculous "powder of projection" served.

Amenhotep III, farao of the 18th dinasty,
gets the miraculous “powder of projection” served.

Nearly everybody was in some kind of an exited state of being. Me too and almost accidentally I said that I would be able to channel just like that. One of the persons of the group said immediately; “Let’s do that if every-one agrees”. I became uncertain because I wasn’t sure if I could do this with so many people around. I was afraid I would bung up or something. The guy repeated his quest while insisting a little more and asking everybody to join. About half of the people didn’t want to so that a group of eight kind persons remained.

    Instantly I saw somebody with me who wanted to speak from a different dimension. She said that the some precautions for a successful session were needed to be taken. This could be done by making a decent loving connected circle and proper grounding. Fortunately we had Debora in our midst who was experienced in the accompanying of light circles and also knew how to make a safe protective energy around us so that we could succeed in doing a responsible job. For making a good connection Debora lead us in through guided fantasy involving the earth and cosmic energy which filled our hearts with light and love. With opened hearts we were able to connect these with each other by letting our heart-energy flow around leftwards in our circle. The person that appeared to me was at first far above our heads. After having the circle approved she came down soon. I described her as an angel like female energy or being. In a later session she would make herself known as OERNIA.

Kephri, the ancient Egyptian mothergodess of creation.

Kephri, the ancient Egyptian mothergodess of creation.

The front page of Randell’s self-made crop circle script shows a formation with a flying creature. Randell immediately knew to give us some interesting information about this creature. Oernia told us she is a female being. Her round shapes were clearly visible and could remarkably clearly be felt. She felt as a true ancestral grandmother. Debora asked me if she was mother Maria Magdalena. I said immediately yes, although I felt that it wasn’t her exactly but the energy was totally similar. She made with her pretty short and round wings a covering gesture, very nursing and mother safe.

When Oernia had come down she immediately said that the powder from the crop formation is the mother milk from the universe. Pre-eminently the food for the soul. We as children of God, lost as human beings in our search for something essential, are due to this mother milk, as food for further growth. As potential essence in order to evolve to our source, the unlimited endless light and insight to everything and the universe. It is to repair the navel string with the heavenly source, the highest intelligence that we are connected with. The appearing of this powder certainly has to do with the difficult ascension time which the world is at this period going through.

Through a tangle of feelings and generations we are as human beings quite disconnected from our source by a block in our energy household. This powder let the heart chakra turn faster so that the heart will be able to open up again. By this the heart qualities can get brought to service the overall good. She managed with her intension, and for an important part her gesture as well, to hand over the essential interests of this power. She made me feel by her limitless warm-hearted embracement of mercy, thankfulness and love the power of being connected with each other. Her gesture and her intension do show an important function of message. By not only expressing her gesture in words only but mainly by totally reflecting the issue that she stands for she shows how essential the gesture is and what right intension means. Everything can be felt and everything is energy. She handed everything over with her energy, gesture and loving words so that it immediately connects with me what it is that she means. This is part of her message. To do things with the right intension and purity, the heart open and in connection with her, your fellow-creatures and everything that is.

    This powder is literally a gift from heaven that wants to help us as human beings to take us to another time frequency, another dimension. A dimension of which the time has come to evolve to with those who have the capacity for it. Most of the children that are born now days do that in this vibration. It is of essential importance that these children get decent guidance and find a environment that fits their life-experience and feelings. There are unfortunately not enough companions on earth for this while the mainstream energy between people still resonates with the old vibration that conflicts with the new time vibration. This can cause that many children feel misunderstood and get tangled up within themselves. At the sphere where Oernia comes from are many helpers that are delighted to bring energy and beings to earth in order to help us in our process. By law this can happen in an optimal way when the right conditions are created in the form of good connection and intension. At least for the specific piece that Oernia is talking about. She is mentioning a connection that we as human beings should make instead of going through life as individuals. Also not only connecting as lovers just being lovers. She invites us for a REAL connection with each other.

Together around the cropcirclepowder.

Together around the crop circle powder.

She asks us to connect truly with each other. By at this moment to take each others hands as friends, brothers, sisters, humans. She mentions that a man-woman connection is a super connection. This by the simple fact that it is not without reason that there are man and woman. The connection between these two energies is so miraculous and powerful that this is also a complete energetic story in which nature law is concerned. She refers to the original source. The source as a cell that we initially are and that another cell joins. From that point of, by this unity, by this melting together evolves a marvellous human being. This basic thought relates to the energy where we as humans have to get back to. This can only get done by, just like these cells do, making a REAL connection. Without drugs but purely from the connecting with our hearts. The powder opens up our hearts and ables us to real connecting. At the majority of people loads of unsolved rubbish, karma, hidden emotions, fears etc., are in the way. When the heart centre turns or flows faster these unsolved energies also appear. The heart wants to make place and clean so that further evolving will be possible and that we don’t mass up our children with our rubbish. Therefore, it is possible that by many people this powder will stir up a lot. The use should be done with maximum care and very much policy.

It is of great importance that the powder gets used in the right way. It should not be used for purposes as commerciality, rude pursuit of gain, misuse of power etc.. It can be expected that people will show up that are not able to handle this. Such thing is a pity although it can also be understood. When you take a look at the state of consciousness of the average man it can’t directly be blamed this person. Important is to give the right pattern yourself by demonstrating the good intension as a word of resistance against the ignorant fellow. There should be no fight about discord. Every action will finally return to its initiator. A person that puts his energy into misuse of power or those sort of things will meet himself in a very nasty way for sure when we simply follow our virtues and leave him behind in his own caginess. It might be difficult not to get screwed up about misuse but don’t go angry about it because that energy will get feeding from it. Don’t let yourself get taken away from your strength by such negative influence. Follow your real tracks in a faithful way and you will soon notice it gets rewarded in a rich manner.

    About the connection: Go to sit opposite of each other as a couple, man and woman and make a love connection with the earth and the universe, let love flow through your heart and circulate it mutual. Make a real connection that is not sexual but pure love. With this connection a fantastic cosmic love-energy will arise that firstly is already very healing for the earth, than secondly makes a real navel string with the universe. You can do this also with a group of course. It is possible to imagine or visualize this navel string as a beam of light rising up in our universe. As you by now will understand the law of intension has reached you and the power of it is visible and even tangible. With this power of the law of wish and intension you can reach everything. It doesn’t always mean that the intension you have is in harmony with the wish of the universe or the divine plan and therefore also not always harvests the purest results on the whole.

The total amount of powder that I took.

The total amount of powder that I took.

Now we agree that I’m a spirit from our original love nature and you are making a circle in real connection and with the right intension in tune with your pure heart of love in connection with heaven and earth. The ray that arises because of the energetic connection is a very complex but at the same time very logical composition that makes it possible to create a fantastic channel, or a doorway to above. (In fact in this context under and above doesn’t really exist but for our visual thinking I describe reaching to above to heaven.) This gate of light is in simplified terms able to go through all the levels that surround the earth. The actual picture is very complex to explain. As a medium I can see and feel the overwhelming complexity but I can hardly put it into words. I’m sure there are people that know more about this. The ray makes it possible that positive energy from the universe and also helpers come down through this portal of light in order to assist us humans on our revolutionary process of development. In case the portal is clean you attract pure spirits while If your intensions are not pure than impure energies will get attracted.

At the field of UFO’s and extra terrestrial activities there is also a lot of negative energies involved. That is because the people don’t interact from a pure level or don’t live there earthly life in a pure manner. Because of their impure interests impure energies are getting attracted. As I describe things could be done in a different way, but it takes a lot of courage, willpower, love and good intension when you realise how often you will go to sit like instructed in spite of being in harmony with your true lover. For many people it won’t often occur that, free from amorousities and drifts, real meetings happen on this high stage of love that is referred to. In higher love you don’t project the love on somebody else but you can experience such immense much love within yourself so that you are able to release or eventually let go the other. By this you can truly see the other without wanting to posses him or her. In this case the higher love is than born. An understanding to be all one with the universe and being able to be united with your fellow friend(s) on earth and in harmony with the divine plan. The plan that you have a big love-relation with and therefore you are never alone but all one. The higher love life gives many positive powers and is very salutary for everyone. Oernia invites us to truly connect. There are very many incredible fine love spirits itching to come down by way of our cords of connection to reach the earth in order to enrich us.

The mysterypowder baked in bread.

The mystery powder baked in bread.

Until so far the (first) channelling as described by Roos and translated by me, Randell. Of course there is much more to be said about this remarkable stuff. Except that I take efforts to research this I myself receive information in connection with this powder as well. It can be considered and used as a medium itself. I also received information about it before I actually discovered the find.




















Randell, meaning of crop circles





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