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2007 07 19, Martinsel Hill

f 2007 martinsel hill

  Martinsel Hill Gulf Oil Spill Disaster     Whether I want it or not, the relations that this crop formation seem to keep, don’t leave me in peace. To begin with, there is the clear similarity with the logo of oil giant British Petroleum. Soon after the appearing of the crop formation the similarity was […]

2007 07 10, Bournemouth Air...

f 2007 bournemouth

  Bournemouth Airport Some time before I drove off to England, I was caught by a report of a formation around a tree at the airport of Bournemouth. The report was done at under section “UK rumours”. During my crop circle vacation I kept an eye on this item because I expected more information […]

2007 07 11, Hat Gate Cottag...

f 2007 hat gate cottage

  Hat Gate Cottage, Savernake Forest  Insertion, attachment.    The Hat Gate Cottage formation shows without trouble a similarity with the organisation of the trigrams within the symbol of sacred science of Stantonbury Hill. In connection with this, I decided to also take a closer inspection at this formation. It is as if the Hat […]

2007 07 07, Stantonbury Hil...

f 2007 stantonbury hill

  Stantonbury Hill (part 1)  Sacred science     At the first appearance of this formation I was immediately associating it with the old Chinese I Tjing oracle. Understandable, the oracle is based on a dualistic universe the way it is expressed by the Yin Yang principle. In comprehension, a number of trigrams around the central […]