The meaning of Crop Circles

2007 07 11, Hat Gate Cottage

  Hat Gate Cottage, Savernake Forest
Hat Gate Cottage formation, © Steve Alexander.

Hat Gate Cottage formation, © Steve Alexander.

 Insertion, attachment.

   The Hat Gate Cottage formation shows without trouble a similarity with the organisation of the trigrams within the symbol of sacred science of Stantonbury Hill. In connection with this, I decided to also take a closer inspection at this formation. It is as if the Hat Gate Cottage formation seems to be willing to say that three plus three makes six to clarify  there are hexagrams to be find at the Stantonbury Hill formation, indeed. It doesn’t explain the formation in all its aspects yet.

Left; Diagram Stantonbury. Right; diagram Hat Gate Cottage. In red the similarity about lines and framework.

Left; Diagram Stantonbury. Right; diagram Hat Gate Cottage.
In red the similarity about lines and framework.

The Hat Gate Cottage formation deserves it also to get interpreted as a solitary pictogram. It strikes me how much the sign intrigues while it is shining in simplicity.

In case we leave the two times three rays out of consideration, than we notice ten concentric rings around a centre. Like that we see a crop formation that could perfectly get used for the purpose of ground-education. Add value zero to the bull and then start counting the rings, and the basic principle, the base ten system, of general mathematics will be efficiently expressed. Doing so, we immediately notice the difference between even and uneven numbers. The six radials can refer to the six folded origin of the circle as it is proved by the pattern of the flower of life.

   As far as expressing our basic numbers in a logical and at the same time artistic way, I ever got myself into concentric ordination before. The next figure came out as a result of it.

Basic numbers in pictogramstyle.

Basic numbers in pictogram style.

Now it seems that we have landed at the source of our decimal system, it could be nice to take a look at the original way of noting the digits. The version I show here is one descended from planet Thiaoouba. Ambassadors of this far away planet claim to have taken the progression to our world at the time.

Original sequence of digits.

Original sequence of digits.

In spite of whatever one can think of such a history; very interesting is that the way of noting the digits seems obviously to have evolved from the number of angles that has been given to each digit. Now, counting the angles give us a powerful instrument for analyzing crop circle pictograms…!  Especially for the numerologists among us, another mountain of mental food appears to digest. Poor human brains.

   Also this design of digits, based on the number of angles, had caught my attention by then, so that, again, I have been trying to do a similar thing. In this case, with the criteria of both logics and aesthetics. According to my personal taste, there wasn’t enough symmetry while also more simplicity could get involved. Furthermore, same as with the Hat Gate Cottage formation it is possible to distinguish the even from the uneven numbers at first glance. Such something is, to my opinion, of great importance. The central Yin Yang principle at the matching Stantonbury Hill formation reminds us to that as well.

Numberal sequences designed by the artist. © Randell.

Numberal sequences designed by the artist. © Randell.

   To return to the formation itself; the Hat Gate Cottage pictogram contains ninety-six angles in total. Special about ninety-six is that this number represents the distance between the earth and the sun. As seen before there are ten concentric rings around a centre and six radials. Number two is of importance given the orderly junction of the rings. The way I look at it is that ten functions as some kind of expanded or emanated zero. The unity of this expanded zero appears from the connection between the rings. The one or the unit in every number is also apparent in the centre zero although it is as a potency withdrawn from the expanded zero.

Photo: ©

Photo: ©

To remain in the atmosphere of sacredness of the scientifically practice it will be wise to keep in mind that zero is not just a mathematical idea but that it recalls the unrevealed God. Although, expanding direct us towards revelation of course…






















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