The meaning of Crop Circles

Monthly archives for July, 2009

2009 07 19, Martinsel Hill

f 2009 martinsel hill

  Martinsel Hill, Wiltshire Every time I see this picture I immediately think of the formation as “the sweeping under the carpet” formation. It has clearly a sweeping suggestion to it.  Also, the neighbouring field gives an impression of a carpet. You can look at the design as if it continues underneath that neighbouring field. […]

2009 07 05, Silbury Hill

f 2009 silbury hill

  Silbury Hill     This formation combines i.e. the theme of ancestor worship as practiced by the Bearchild family with the star sign Little Bear. The Bearchilds are traditionally keeper of the sacred headdress with the eagles feathers.    In the crop circle depiction of the feathers numbers can be found that are based on […]