The meaning of Crop Circles

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2010 07 25, Roundway Hill

f 2010 roundway hill

  Roundway Hill near Devizes. A formation that shows similarities to the international warning symbol for biohazard. It, obviously, seems expanded and has indications that are pointing to genetic manipulation. The formation was located on top of Roundway Hill. Therefore it may as well refer to Monsanto’s Round-Up. (Roundway Uphill)           […]

2010 07 05, Sutton Bank

f 2010 sutton bank

   Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire  New balance. Intrigued as I was by this chakra system-like design I went all the way to North Yorkshire. The season had almost gone, so I risked the disappointment of seeing nothing but remains. I was lucky, the formation still existed in all its splendour! In spite of the late […]