The meaning of Crop Circles

Monthly archives for July, 2011

2011 07 29, Westwood Hay

f 2011 inkpen hill

  Westwood Hay near Inkpen.  A very impressive formation appeared in the night of 28th to 29th of July 2011, at a country-seat that never before had been the location for a crop circle. I suppose that anyone agrees that the formation depicts a dragon or a snake. At the evening of the 28th, I […]

2011 07 23, Roundway Hill

f 2011 roundway hill

  Roundway Hill near Devizes Here we see a beautiful representation of the melatonin molecule. In the brain melatonin is well known for regulating the sleep. It is also responsible for other functions. If one would question why it is we are confronted with this molecule, my answer would be; because we, as a modern […]

2011 07 04, Honeystreet

f 2011 honeystreet

  Honeystreet, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire  Three, two, one.     Hardly anything is so challenging as a mysterious hieroglyph originating from the strange world of crop circles. I simply love to contemplate and work with this type of figures. Let me expose some insights.     At first glance, the formation immediately reminded me to an old […]