The meaning of Crop Circles

2011 07 23, Roundway Hill

  Roundway Hill near Devizes

Roundway Hill, 2011. © Randell.

Roundway Hill, 2011. © Randell.

Here we see a beautiful representation of the melatonin molecule. In the brain melatonin is well known for regulating the sleep. It is also responsible for other functions.

If one would question why it is we are confronted with this molecule, my answer would be; because we, as a modern “liberated” society seem to ignore our natural need for sleep far too often. The disrespect seems to directly come forth out of competition, which is a clear symptom of the liberal attitude. We notice far to many cases of burn-out, sleeplessness, and psychological issues that lead to a misbalanced bio-rhythm. The formation seems to tell us: “I am a melatonin molecule. I am responsible for the regulation of your sleep”. In the strongest terms:  “I am regulating sleep”. One could say that on the subconscious level this is the exact message that gets installed with observing the picture.

Roundway Hill, 2011. © / Randell.

Roundway Hill, 2011. © / Randell.

Through the years there have been other depictions of molecules in the fields. Fascinating thing about these is that they seem to be more perfect than representations that are usually found in educational or scientific papers. It looks as if the crop circle phenomenon manages to add extra information to what mainstream science knows…




















meaning of crop circles

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