The meaning of Crop Circles

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2012 08 26, Hackpen Hill

f 2012 hackpen hill

  Hackpen Hill’s cube formation This brilliant formation has stunned people in amazement for its most superb design and quality in the way that it was made. It is what we call the obvious Grand Final for the crop circle season at the year of years 2012. Precise analysis reveal even much more brilliancy then seen […]

2012 08 12, Devil’s D...

f 2012 devils den

  Devil’s Den Although the formation seems man made to me, I find its design intriguing. Directly underneath the “teeth” there seems a construction-line that appears like a dissonant for the overall impression. Another reason for me to suspect the formation being man-made is that the lay is full of rhythmic intervals that I imagine being produced by stomping board […]