The meaning of Crop Circles

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2014 04 30, Hambledon Hill

f 2014 hambledon hill1

  Hambledon Hill, Dorset    Completely synchronic with my research, this formation pops up. I was tying to gain a better understanding about chakra-, kundalini- and lingam-energies. Also about the origin and role of sex power in today’s society and how it relates to enlightenment. It is not difficult to recognise the sacral chakra in the […]

2014 04 05, Woodshead

f 2014 bosschenhoofd

  Woodshead grass formation   While I got stuck in my research about certain formation types, therefore sending a message into the cosmos for a clue that would help me out, this amazing formation appeared at Woodshead. It has various clear aspects that connect with the problem I was dealing with. And more…       […]