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Monthly archives for May, 2014

2014 05 26, Bucklestreet

f 2014 buckle street

  Bucklestreet near Pedworth, Worcestershire   On Sunday 25 and Monday 26, I have been watching a very interesting and revealing presentation of Andrew Bagasio about time travel. Andrew explained he has undertaken time travel experiments since his childhood under auspices of Project Pegagsus. He explains the project uses eight methodologies for teleportation through time. […]

2014 05 20, Haiink

Haiink, 2014.

  Haiink, Bulkenaarsestraat Roosendaal, the Netherlands.   As soon as Robbert van den Broeke reported this formation I decided to go and see it the following day. On his website Robbert stated that observing the picture of the formation would already be enough to get a sort of initiation from it. That, I presumed, could […]

2014 05 07, Lost Corner

f 2014 verloren hoek

  Nature reserve at Lost Corner Etten Leur, Netherlands.     At day three of its existence, I enter the formation that suffered heavy wind and rainfall. Considering the somewhat messy (nature release) field and weather conditions, I would say it was in reasonable shape. I was there with my soul sister Rose, who at that moment […]