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2014 05 26, Bucklestreet

  Bucklestreet near Pedworth, Worcestershire

Buckle Street, 26 5 2014. © CCC. (edit Randell)

Buckle Street, 26 5 2014. © CCC. (edit Randell)


On Sunday 25 and Monday 26, I have been watching a very interesting and revealing presentation of Andrew Bagasio about time travel. Andrew explained he has undertaken time travel experiments since his childhood under auspices of Project Pegagsus. He explains the project uses eight methodologies for teleportation through time. On these same two days I was also working on my Haiink crop formation article in which I mentioned about a mysterious form of time travel, or at least a symptom of it (punch in the stomic) that I underwent the night before I visited the Haiink formation. When I, by means of synchronicity, discovered the presentation, I had an accompanying dream about a pale yellow limousine with eight wheels… It past me while I was driving through Amsterdam centre. This new Buckle Street formation seem to me a logic follow up to the things I learned from the presentation. As if it refers to the eight distinct methodologies of time travel that are already developed decennia ago and in use here on earth, kept secret for the general public.

Eight methodologies for time travel projected on the diagram.

Eight methods for time travel projected on the diagram.

      Andrew Bagasio tells us that one of his main motives for coming forward is that our oil based traffic methods have almost reached their limits, both by time as by space consumption. I find it striking how my observations concerning the Haiink formation matches Bagasio’s story. To be specific, the observations containing the fact that the Haiink formation is pointing to a Highway-crossing and represents the idea of stagnation at its final episode, seem to lock in perfectly.









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