The meaning of Crop Circles

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2014 06 06, Cerkvenjak

Serkvenjak, 6 6 2014. © RoSabertina K.

  Cerkvenjak, Stajerska, Slovenia  Although the two small circles are opposed to each other, they have size and position (to the tramline on which they are attached) in common. They are the same, so to speak. The turn of the tramline on the right below says almost a similar thing: “You can turn to find […]

2014 06 06, Gipsy Lane

Chilcomb Down, 6 6 2014. © Steve Alexander.

  Gipsy Lane, Chilcomb Down, Hampshire, UK.    The code of this formation was very easy to crack as it was done in Morse. The message said “no more war“. It was reported on the date that happened to be the seventieth D-Day remembrance day. All together I got a manmade feel from it, but […]