The meaning of Crop Circles

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2014 7 16 Smokstreet

f 2014 smokstraat

  Smokstreet, Etten Leur, Netherlands. Recovered formation in Maize.    By means of exception, I won’t go into the possible meaning of the formations design, as it seems not very significant. The reason I inform about the formation is because of its unique quality of recovering from being flattened at ground level.    In the night of […]

2014 7 8 Hackpen Hill

f 2014 hackpen hill

  Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, U.K.      That winter, 2013/2014, I was concentrating my crop circle study most of the time on chakra’s and kundalini power references. I managed to collect various crop circle designs from over the years that could well represent the seven chakra’s of the human energy system. There was, however, one particular chakra […]