The meaning of Crop Circles

Monthly archives for November, 2014

2014 11 23, Zegge/Woodshead

f 2014 zegge

 Zegge near Woodshead, the Netherlands. Boys, am I flabbergasted by the beauty of this formation!!! Not only its beauty has left me in awe, it was in a field of African marigolds! Also, powerful energies affected me as never before! The design of the formation seems to depict a dream-catcher. That’s what Robbert van den […]

2014 11 06 Hoeven

f 2014 hoeven

  Hoeven, the Netherlands. It is not unusual that a certain chain of events lead to the manifestation of a wonderful new crop formation. I am talking about events that are related to crop circles or strange phenomena that somehow link with them. Let me explain. It started on the fourth of November when Charles […]