The meaning of Crop Circles

Monthly archives for June, 2015

2015 06 20, Cervia

Cervia crop circle

  Cervia, waterski club, Italy As we keep close FB contact with each other, on  the evening of Friday 19th, the day before the crop circle was reported, Marina Sassi and I were chatting about the possibility for her to visit Wiltshire UK this season. She explained it had become impossible for her, so I […]

2015 06 14, Zevenbergen

f 2015 zevenbergen

  Merenswegje, Zevenbergen, Netherlands. Soon as I arrived on Tuesday 16, it occurred to me that this formation was much deeper into the field than usual with the Robbert van den Broeke formations. The field itself had never before been subject to a crop circle too. Wondering about a possible reason for the exception, I found it interesting […]