The meaning of Crop Circles

2014 6 24, West Kenneth Long Barrow

West Kenneth, Longbarrow

crop circle West Kenneth 2014 6 24

West Kenneth, Long Barrow, 2014 6 24. © CropCircleConnector.


Thanks to the computer age, processing information in the field of statistics and related fields is based on the “data point”, also known as “observation”. In short, a data point is an elementary unit of data. When it comes to explaning this crop circle, that unmistakably represents a point in a disk, then I find it difficult not to interprate it as “a data point”. The more when I take a powerful synchronicity in consideration that I received on the day of publication.


It happened to be the case on June 24 of 2014, following an investigation into a rapeseed formation in 2010, that I realized a frequently repeating image aspect most likely represented the “data point”. The realization was promptly accompanied by the appearance of the West Kenneth formation that magnified exactly that image aspect! As if this synchronicity was a confirmation of my just made discovery.

In short, that rapeseed formation of 2010, the Yarnbury Castle formation, represents a keyhole with an eye in it. Many so-called “grapeshots” have been added and there are also patterns of lines that can be seen as profiles. The formation is therefore about internet espionage and secret data processing of personal data.

crop circle Yarnbury Castle 2010

Yarnbury Castle, 2010 5 16. © Crop Circle Connector.

For the complete analysis of this rapeseed formation of 2010 I refer to my article: “Yarnbury Castle, 16 May 2010″.

From a pure graphical point of view, how can the representation of a point in a disk be justified as a representation of the stretchable concept of ‘data point’? To answer this question, one has to dig into the history of computer development.

The transmitter selection panel.

In 1981, computer brand Xerox was the first to use the radio button for its user interface. This radio button is actually a graphical control element that allows the user to choose a single option from a predefined and limited set of options. Because only one option is available from the drop-down menu, this menu was reminiscent of the transmitter selection panel of a radio where enabling a transmitter button implied that another station was automatically switched off. After all, only one station at a time could be listened to.

Xerox home computer, 1981.

Xerox home computer, 1981.

It will be clear that such a selection menu has become an essential part of countless survey forms for obtaining data. In this way, the data acquisition is based on the elementary unit called “data point”, which is graphically indicated by a thick dot in the radio button. The graphic symbol of the radio button with a dot as the representation of a data point could, in my opinion, not have been chosen better.

Radio buttons.

Radio buttons.

Radio buttons in drop-down menus.

Radio buttons in drop-down menus.

The radio button.

Since the crop circle spirit apparently wants to focus our attention on the data point, I will elaborate on its significance in the development of humanity. I’ll start with the radio button in which the dot is placed or not.

Litchfield near Winchester, 1981.

Litchfield near Winchester, 1981. A radio button?

The implication of the radio button is that a choice is required. This points to a predetermined option. It is in the options offered that manipulation is able to take place. In the questions that are asked, or in the options that are given, subjectivity presents itself. There is usually no room for a self-invented option. A self-invented option is thus excluded. Furthermore, a radio button can of course be ignored, but even this passing can be registered as a data point, albeit in a different context.

A person who knows everything has not been asked the right questions. (Confusius)


Not the right questions.

The radio button as a basis in countles s surveys, tests, checklists, device settings and so on, is at the basis of information development. Furthermore, we can observe that the application of the radio button, which can also be called the circle of choise, entails a considerable susceptibility to subjectivity and manipulation. At the very least, it therefore deserves great attention towards asking the right question. I say at least, because it is to be feared that only with the right questioning the problems have not yet been solved. I am thinking of how, for example, the human brain is (or gets) conditioned according to system technical requirements.

What a data point really is.

Now that the radio button has been covered, let’s form a clearer understanding of what a data point really is. At the beginning of this article I stated in very brief terms t hat a data point or observation is an elementary unit of data. A more detailed description tells us that it is a single piece of data that is the result of a measurement or manipulation of a part of a research object.

crop circle, Hertfordshire, date unknown.

Unequal triangle with data points.
Hertfordshire, date unknown.

Data points are associated with, among other things, assessment information in tests or exams, with pieces of customer and/or patient data, with the input of certain quantities, with programming, with locations or time periods, log-in codes, a twitter message, a facebook post or like-me thumbs, and what have you.

If we dwell on the definition and in particular on “a single piece of data”, than this implies it can be enormously diverse in terms of volume. If an e-mail message can pass for a single data point, it is not difficult to understand that this message can consist of many smaller pieces of data, such as the attached date and time, the address of the addressee, the title and then the entire text and possibly one or more attachments. All these different parts are each a data point in themselves. A data point can therefore consist of several data points.

Crop circle Alton Barnes, 6 2007.

Alton Barnes, 6 2007. Lucy Pringle.

It can all get much crazier. Depending on the interest of the data researcher, the font used for example, can be registered as a data point. The number of words used can also be understood as a data point. A single word or a single letter can also represent a data point.

Social impact of data points.

It is important to understand that with data points, very far-reaching manipulations can take place. You can think of, for example, the phenomenon of “shadow banning”, in which algorithms block the flow of certain critical information without you realizing it. The rise of public discussions about “fake news” is for a large part consequence of politically colored data manipulations. The significance of generating data points is that the privacy of the average internet user, little by little, gets handed over.

Everything that people do and don’t do is systematically subjected to data collectors who suffer from an insatiable hunger for data. A major shift is thus taking place towards total digitization. Society, it seems, demands digital adaptation from all citizens. There seems to be no turning back.

Crop circle Stanton St.Bernard 23 6 1999.

Stanton St.Bernard 23 6 1999. Steve Alexander.

Rapids are taking place in all kinds of developments in various areas. Reports and future models are created in numerous fields, which are then scandalously overvalued. The quantitative increase in information traffic could hold a certain promise of increasing prosperity, were it not for the fact that selective filtering is also an increasing phenomenon.

After all, there are still people on the control panels, so that subjective principles, mistakes, assumptions, beliefs, emotions, political motives and the like play an unstoppable role. This factor, that could be classified as “human incapacity”, is either reflected far too little in important data analyses, or influential people take a run with it.

In other words, even before the data point is created, the thunder of deception, exclusion, manipulation, excessive profit-seeking, and more such disruptive things begins. One may wonder whether man is really mature for the technological mega-leap it is making in evolutionary terms.

AI and quantum computing.

The chaos that the great data revolution brings to humanity makes me fear the life changing novelties called Artificial Intelligence and Quantum computing. These take certain forms of control out of hands, but possibly or probably introduce forms of control that are even more complicated or worse. Technological developments alienate humanity from nature rather than make us really understand it.

Data point in relation to nature.

In a nature reserve near Prinsenbeek in North Brabant, Netherlands, a crop formation was found, also in 2014, which can easily be seen as a data point. Medium Robbert van den Broeke got to know about its appearance and reported it in connection with a UFO encounter. Although the formation can be seen as a data point, as far as I know it received no information indicating this. He described the energy that this formation brought with it as heavy and related to sagging as sung in a carnival song.

Crop circle Strijpenseweg Prinsenbeek, 8 5 2014.

Strijpenseweg Prinsenbeek, 8 5 2014.

What strikes me about this formation is that it can represent a perfect counterpart to the West Kenneth formation. Where in the latter the central dot remains dark due to standing crop, this dot at the Strijpense road, Prinsenbeek formation is light due to the diverted vegetation. The flattened vegetation at the West Kenneth formation that you can call the radio circle itself, is dark again in the Strijpense road, Prinsenbeek formation. One formation is, as it were, the negative of the other. In that sense, they fit together neatly.

The Strijpense road formation is also almost identical to the second chakra of the Pewsey chakras formation of 2004. This second chakra is also known as the sex chakra.

Located in the nature reserve, referring to sexual energy and as a kind of photo-negative, it seems that this formation aims to compensate or supplement the extreme mental developments around the data point.

Crop circle Pewsey White Horse, 22 7 2004.

Pewsey White Horse, 22 7 2004.

The technological data revolution that is rapidly alienating humanity from nature, its own nature, with all the catastrophic consequences that entails, is apparently being brought to the attention here. It is always choices that underlie the progress or relapse of human evolution. In my opinion, caution, orientation and reflection are needed if we are to solve the many difficulties of the current era.

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