The meaning of Crop Circles

2016 7 30, Cley Hill near W...

Cley Hill - 2016

Crop circle showed perfect virus!   When from the Transology UFO connection I was asked if I knew a crop circle relating to the corona virus, I started looking in my crop circle file for such a formation. In addition to a number of, at first sight less convincing formations, I came across the Cley […]

2016 06 23, Ridgeway nr Hac...

Ridgeway, 2016

Ridgeway nr Hackpen Hill. The day before Britain would vote itself out of the European Union, this formation appeared. For a crop circle, the depiction is pretty clear. We see two sharks circling around a triquetra or Celtic triangle. The triquetra is said to represent life, death and rebirth.  One cannot escape the idea this […]

2016 05 6, East Kennett

f 2016 east kenneth

Hill Barn, East Kennett. This first UK formation of the 2016 season appears to me as an isolated pentagon. If I may be so free, a pentagon surrounded by circles of light. Circles of light is of course just associating. However, the shape of a pentagon is fact and it easily makes one associate further […]