The meaning of Crop Circles

2018 8 10, Mixon, Etchilham...

f 2018 Etchil

Mixon, Etchilhampton CONNECTING THE DOTS This very successful crop formation is associated with the head of a little monkey or bear. As far as I’m concerned, these are associations for the trash bin. During my long contemplations on this design, I came to call it the “connecting the dots” formation. I will explain why. I […]

2012 8 26, Hackpen Hill, sh...

Hackpen Hill, 25-8-2012.

Hackpen Hill, THE SYSTEM This very brilliant formation has amazed people because of its superior design and its quality of accomplishment. It clearly represents the “grand final” of the season of a special year considered also final in some sense due to Mayan prophecy. Further analysis shows us even bigger superiority than one sees at […]

2012 05 10, Woodshead

f 2012 bosschenhoofd

  Woodshead, the Netherlands     The Ankh. At exactly the same spot as where I entered in 2007 my first crop formation there has now appeared another formation. By than, I associated the crop circle powder that I had found in it, with the monatomic gold of the old Egyptians. The “white powder of gold” to […]