The meaning of Crop Circles

2008 07 27, Honeystreet

f 2008 honeystreet

  Honey Street, Alton Barnes The Goddess. Here we have a depiction representing “the Goddess”. When searching for comparable images, we will find plenty of them, although hardly this perfect. They often come from very ancient sources. The drawings below origin from stone sculptures from Amorgos, Naxos and Crete. They are pre-Mycene at approximate 2000 […]

2008 06 20, St Katharinenta...

crop circle Swiss 2008

 St Katharinental nr Diessenhofen, Swiss Germinal Force The formation is found next to the river Rhine at St Katharinental near Diessenhofen, Kanton Thurgau in Swiss. Its first impression is of swing and/or elegance. A flower with five petals. The formation reminds me of Wiltshires Honeystreet formation of 2004. This Honeystreet formation most likely represents the […]

2008 05 08, Avebury

f 2008 waden hill

  Avebury, Wiltshire. (part 1) Succession And then there is this gift from heaven. The moment of appearance (may 8th 2008) was the day after the evening in which I threw the Stantonbury Hill article about sacred science on the world wide web. The relationship between these two events I consider to be an absolute en meaningful […]