The meaning of Crop Circles

2015 06 20, Cervia

f 2015 cervia b

  Cervia, waterski club, Italy As we keep close FB contact with each other, on  the evening of Friday 19th, the day before the crop circle was reported, Marina Sassi and I were chatting about the possibility for her to visit Wiltshire UK this season. She explained it had become impossible for her, so I […]

2013 12 30, Chualar USA

f 2013 chualar

  Chualar, Salinas valley, California USA.   California residents have been left puzzled by a mysterious crop circle? The formation is related to, and most likely made by a group of hoaxers. For them it has functioned as a marketing stunt, presenting a new computer-chip. I think there’s something very sad to it cheating people […]

2013 06 30, Cavallo Grigio

f 2013 cavallo grigio

  Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Italy.    In the morning following on the discovery of this excellent formation I received through extra sensorial way the image of a broken home-thermostat. Later that day the report of this new found formation reached me while the included picture immediately reminded me to the thermostat. The formation contains a binary […]

2013 06 29, Emilia Finale

f 2013 emilia finale

  Emilia Finale, Italy.     In the early morning of May 20th of 2012 an earthquake took place at Emilio Finale in Italy. About five people died and a lot of buildings collapsed of which some beautiful historical ones.    When a crop circle appears just one year later close to the destroyed town it is likely that it refers to […]