The meaning of Crop Circles

2023 5 30, Brèscia, North I...

2023 brèscia crop circle

Brèscia, North Italy FLOODS The honor of the first authentic formation of the 2023 season was to Italy. Northern Italy to be precise. Although it is a nice tight formation, the wheat field is full of irregularities, which is an important clue to the interpretation. Category and references. At the initial glance, I realized how […]

2015 06 20, Cervia

Cervia crop circle

  Cervia, waterski club, Italy As we keep close FB contact with each other, on  the evening of Friday 19th, the day before the crop circle was reported, Marina Sassi and I were chatting about the possibility for her to visit Wiltshire UK this season. She explained it had become impossible for her, so I […]

2013 06 30, Cavallo Grigio

f 2013 cavallo grigio

  Cavallo Grigio, Robella, Italy.    In the morning following on the discovery of this excellent formation I received through extra sensorial way the image of a broken home-thermostat. Later that day the report of this new found formation reached me while the included picture immediately reminded me to the thermostat. The formation contains a binary […]

2013 06 29, Emilia Finale

f 2013 emilia finale

  Emilia Finale, Italy.     In the early morning of May 20th of 2012 an earthquake took place at Emilio Finale in Italy. About five people died and a lot of buildings collapsed of which some beautiful historical ones.    When a crop circle appears just one year later close to the destroyed town it is likely that it refers to […]