The meaning of Crop Circles

2014 11 23, Zegge/Woodshead

f 2014 zegge

 Zegge near Woodshead, the Netherlands. Boys, am I flabbergasted by the beauty of this formation!!! Not only its beauty has left me in awe, it was in a field of African marigolds! Also, powerful energies affected me as never before! The design of the formation seems to depict a dream-catcher. That’s what Robbert van den […]

2014 11 06 Hoeven

f 2014 hoeven

  Hoeven, the Netherlands. It is not unusual that a certain chain of events lead to the manifestation of a wonderful new crop formation. I am talking about events that are related to crop circles or strange phenomena that somehow link with them. Let me explain. It started on the fourth of November when Charles […]

2014 8 16 Nettle Hill

f 2014 nettle hill

  Nettle Hill, Ansty, Warwickshire, U.K.    This sensational formation, almost at the end of the season, can easily be considered the grand finale of 2014. Although in crop circle history there have been a few eyes before, this one, I would say, is the most intricate.     When we focus on the centre of it, […]

2014 7 16 Smokstreet

f 2014 smokstraat

  Smokstreet, Etten Leur, Netherlands. Recovered formation in Maize.    By means of exception, I won’t go into the possible meaning of the formations design, as it seems not very significant. The reason I inform about the formation is because of its unique quality of recovering from being flattened at ground level.    In the night of […]

2014 7 8 Hackpen Hill

f 2014 hackpen hill

  Hackpen Hill, Wiltshire, U.K.      That winter, 2013/2014, I was concentrating my crop circle study most of the time on chakra’s and kundalini power references. I managed to collect various crop circle designs from over the years that could well represent the seven chakra’s of the human energy system. There was, however, one particular chakra […]

2014 06 06, Cerkvenjak

Serkvenjak, 6 6 2014. © RoSabertina K.

  Cerkvenjak, Stajerska, Slovenia  Although the two small circles are opposed to each other, they have size and position (to the tramline on which they are attached) in common. They are the same, so to speak. The turn of the tramline on the right below says almost a similar thing: “You can turn to find […]

2014 06 06, Gipsy Lane

Chilcomb Down, 6 6 2014. © Steve Alexander.

  Gipsy Lane, Chilcomb Down, Hampshire, UK.    The code of this formation was very easy to crack as it was done in Morse. The message said “no more war“. It was reported on the date that happened to be the seventieth D-Day remembrance day. All together I got a manmade feel from it, but […]

2014 05 26, Bucklestreet

f 2014 buckle street

  Bucklestreet near Pedworth, Worcestershire   On Sunday 25 and Monday 26, I have been watching a very interesting and revealing presentation of Andrew Bagasio about time travel. Andrew explained he has undertaken time travel experiments since his childhood under auspices of Project Pegagsus. He explains the project uses eight methodologies for teleportation through time. […]

2014 05 20, Haiink

Haiink, 2014.

  Haiink, Bulkenaarsestraat Roosendaal, the Netherlands.   As soon as Robbert van den Broeke reported this formation I decided to go and see it the following day. On his website Robbert stated that observing the picture of the formation would already be enough to get a sort of initiation from it. That, I presumed, could […]

2014 05 07, Lost Corner

f 2014 verloren hoek

  Nature reserve at Lost Corner Etten Leur, Netherlands.     At day three of its existence, I enter the formation that suffered heavy wind and rainfall. Considering the somewhat messy (nature release) field and weather conditions, I would say it was in reasonable shape. I was there with my soul sister Rose, who at that moment […]

2014 04 30, Hambledon Hill

f 2014 hambledon hill1

  Hambledon Hill, Dorset    Completely synchronic with my research, this formation pops up. I was tying to gain a better understanding about chakra-, kundalini- and lingam-energies. Also about the origin and role of sex power in today’s society and how it relates to enlightenment. It is not difficult to recognise the sacral chakra in the […]

2014 04 05, Woodshead

f 2014 bosschenhoofd

  Woodshead grass formation   While I got stuck in my research about certain formation types, therefore sending a message into the cosmos for a clue that would help me out, this amazing formation appeared at Woodshead. It has various clear aspects that connect with the problem I was dealing with. And more…       […]