The meaning of Crop Circles

2015 06 14, Zevenbergen

f 2015 zevenbergen

  Merenswegje, Zevenbergen, Netherlands. Soon as I arrived on Tuesday 16, it occurred to me that this formation was much deeper into the field than usual with the Robbert van den Broeke formations. The field itself had never before been subject to a crop circle too. Wondering about a possible reason for the exception, I found it interesting […]

2014 11 23, Zegge/Woodshead

f 2014 zegge

 Zegge near Woodshead, the Netherlands. Boys, am I flabbergasted by the beauty of this formation!!! Not only its beauty has left me in awe, it was in a field of African marigolds! Also, powerful energies affected me as never before! The design of the formation seems to depict a dream-catcher. That’s what Robbert van den […]

2014 11 06 Hoeven

f 2014 hoeven

  Hoeven, the Netherlands. It is not unusual that a certain chain of events lead to the manifestation of a wonderful new crop formation. I am talking about events that are related to crop circles or strange phenomena that somehow link with them. Let me explain. It started on the fourth of November when Charles […]

2014 7 16 Smokstreet

f 2014 smokstraat

  Smokstreet, Etten Leur, Netherlands. Recovered formation in Maize.    By means of exception, I won’t go into the possible meaning of the formations design, as it seems not very significant. The reason I inform about the formation is because of its unique quality of recovering from being flattened at ground level.    In the night of […]

2014 05 20, Haiink

Haiink, 2014.

  Haiink, Bulkenaarsestraat Roosendaal, the Netherlands.   As soon as Robbert van den Broeke reported this formation I decided to go and see it the following day. On his website Robbert stated that observing the picture of the formation would already be enough to get a sort of initiation from it. That, I presumed, could […]

2014 05 07, Lost Corner

f 2014 verloren hoek

  Nature reserve at Lost Corner Etten Leur, Netherlands.     At day three of its existence, I enter the formation that suffered heavy wind and rainfall. Considering the somewhat messy (nature release) field and weather conditions, I would say it was in reasonable shape. I was there with my soul sister Rose, who at that moment […]

2014 04 05, Woodshead

f 2014 bosschenhoofd

  Woodshead grass formation   While I got stuck in my research about certain formation types, therefore sending a message into the cosmos for a clue that would help me out, this amazing formation appeared at Woodshead. It has various clear aspects that connect with the problem I was dealing with. And more…       […]

2014 03 17, Roosendaal

f 2014 hollewegje

  Roosendaal, railroadcrossing “Hollewegje”       The day after Robbert van den Broeke had reported a new crop circle at Roosendaal, I went there to enjoy. It was a great pleasure, as usual with the formations that Robbert discovers. Met some lovely people there, but had the formation as well for myself some time. The plants […]

2012 05 10, Woodshead

f 2012 bosschenhoofd

  Woodshead, the Netherlands     The Ankh. At exactly the same spot as where I entered in 2007 my first crop formation there has now appeared another formation. By than, I associated the crop circle powder that I had found in it, with the monatomic gold of the old Egyptians. The “white powder of gold” to […]

2012 02 04, Schijndel

f 2012 schijndel

  Schijndel, the Netherlands In the winter of 2012 a pattern caused in snow that looked a lot like an enormous fingerprint. Even from a giant, one wouldn’t expect fingertips that incredible size, which leaves me with only this option; Big Brother must have placed it there… Of course, the image of a fingerprint can […]

2011 04 29, Silbury Hill

f 2011 silbury hill

    Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, U.K.   Renewal. With a first look at this formation it strikes me that the figure, both in design as in the way it is made, misses a certain perfection. It leads me to thoughts of similarity with a wall-painting that I made about half a year ago. I did this […]

2007 06 28, Woodshead

f 2007 bosschenhoofd

  Woodshead, formation with rare powder      At Wednesday evening , June 27th of 2007 I read at “” a message about the latest crop circle developments at Bosschenhoofd (the Netherlands). Seeing that, in spite of making progress in the field of crop circle research, I never stood in a crop formation yet, I decide […]