The meaning of Crop Circles

2014 04 30, Hambledon Hill

f 2014 hambledon hill1

  Hambledon Hill, Dorset    Completely synchronic with my research, this formation pops up. I was tying to gain a better understanding about chakra-, kundalini- and lingam-energies. Also about the origin and role of sex power in today’s society and how it relates to enlightenment. It is not difficult to recognise the sacral chakra in the […]

2013 12 30, Chualar USA

f 2013 chualar

  Chualar, Salinas valley, California USA.   California residents have been left puzzled by a mysterious crop circle? The formation is related to, and most likely made by a group of hoaxers. For them it has functioned as a marketing stunt, presenting a new computer-chip. I think there’s something very sad to it cheating people […]

2012 08 26, Hackpen Hill

f 2012 hackpen hill

  Hackpen Hill’s cube formation This brilliant formation has stunned people in amazement for its most superb design and quality in the way that it was made. It is what we call the obvious Grand Final for the crop circle season at the year of years 2012. Precise analysis reveal even much more brilliancy then seen […]

2012 08 12, Devil’s D...

f 2012 devils den

  Devil’s Den Although the formation seems man made to me, I find its design intriguing. Directly underneath the “teeth” there seems a construction-line that appears like a dissonant for the overall impression. Another reason for me to suspect the formation being man-made is that the lay is full of rhythmic intervals that I imagine being produced by stomping board […]

2011 07 29, Westwood Hay

f 2011 inkpen hill

  Westwood Hay near Inkpen.  A very impressive formation appeared in the night of 28th to 29th of July 2011, at a country-seat that never before had been the location for a crop circle. I suppose that anyone agrees that the formation depicts a dragon or a snake. At the evening of the 28th, I […]

2011 07 23, Roundway Hill

f 2011 roundway hill

  Roundway Hill near Devizes Here we see a beautiful representation of the melatonin molecule. In the brain melatonin is well known for regulating the sleep. It is also responsible for other functions. If one would question why it is we are confronted with this molecule, my answer would be; because we, as a modern […]

2011 07 04, Honeystreet

f 2011 honeystreet

  Honeystreet, Alton Barnes, Wiltshire  Three, two, one.     Hardly anything is so challenging as a mysterious hieroglyph originating from the strange world of crop circles. I simply love to contemplate and work with this type of figures. Let me expose some insights.     At first glance, the formation immediately reminded me to an old […]

2010 07 25, Roundway Hill

f 2010 roundway hill

  Roundway Hill near Devizes. A formation that shows similarities to the international warning symbol for biohazard. It, obviously, seems expanded and has indications that are pointing to genetic manipulation. The formation was located on top of Roundway Hill. Therefore it may as well refer to Monsanto’s Round-Up. (Roundway Uphill)           […]

2010 07 05, Sutton Bank

f 2010 sutton bank

   Sutton Bank, North Yorkshire  New balance. Intrigued as I was by this chakra system-like design I went all the way to North Yorkshire. The season had almost gone, so I risked the disappointment of seeing nothing but remains. I was lucky, the formation still existed in all its splendour! In spite of the late […]

2010 06 16, Chirton Bottom

f 2010 chirton bottom

  Chirton Bottom near Urchfont    With the publication of the 10th edition of “Dot Connector Magazine” it introduced a new logo due to fusing with a project called “Signs Of The Times”. ( The Dot Connector Magazine announced its transformation at June 25th 2010. Some ten days earlier (June 16), the logo appeared as a […]

2010 05 22, Wilton Windmill

f 2010 wilton windmill

  Wilton Windmill This formation seems to depict some kind of program wheel based on binary Ascii codes. Initially I associated its elements with Ogham script, but that didn’t lead anywhere. I think Karin Alexander of Temporary Temples made it generally accepted the wheel should be interpreted as referring to the famous Euler’s identity equation. […]

2009 07 19, Martinsel Hill

f 2009 martinsel hill

  Martinsel Hill, Wiltshire Every time I see this picture I immediately think of the formation as “the sweeping under the carpet” formation. It has clearly a sweeping suggestion to it.  Also, the neighbouring field gives an impression of a carpet. You can look at the design as if it continues underneath that neighbouring field. […]