The meaning of Crop Circles

2009 07 19, Martinsel Hill

f 2009 martinsel hill

  Martinsel Hill, Wiltshire Every time I see this picture I immediately think of the formation as “the sweeping under the carpet” formation. It has clearly a sweeping suggestion to it.  Also, the neighbouring field gives an impression of a carpet. You can look at the design as if it continues underneath that neighbouring field. […]

2009 07 05, Silbury Hill

f 2009 silbury hill

  Silbury Hill     This formation combines i.e. the theme of ancestor worship as practiced by the Bearchild family with the star sign Little Bear. The Bearchilds are traditionally keeper of the sacred headdress with the eagles feathers.    In the crop circle depiction of the feathers numbers can be found that are based on […]

2009 06 03, Yatesbury

f 2009 yatesbury

   Yatesbury, Wiltshire. Before I plunge into the water of the canal at my house, it is a lovely summer day, I notice how two dragonflies while mating with each other are flying through the air. This funny thing happening is for me the stimulant to start this article, straight after swimming. In the morning […]

2009 05 29, Waylands Smithy

f 2009 waylands smithy

  Waylands Smithy. A particular sensational formation is “the jellyfish”. Although the image shows, as usual within the crop circle phenomenon, an abstract geometrical configuration, it is obvious enough that a jellyfish wants to be expressed. Actually, due to the lack of water in this crop field it looks to me more jolly than jelly, […]

2009 04 23, Rutlands Farm, ...

f 2009 rutland farm

 Rutlands Farm, Avebury What never reached the front pages of important newspapers, while it actually should have been, is the bizarre appearance of a crop circle that gave expression to an astronomical phenomenon of great historical significance. As an artist, I have thought to address this event, again, to the attention of the public. In […]

2008 07 27, Honeystreet

f 2008 honeystreet

  Honey Street, Alton Barnes The Goddess. Here we have a depiction representing “the Goddess”. When searching for comparable images, we will find plenty of them, although hardly this perfect. They often come from very ancient sources. The drawings below origin from stone sculptures from Amorgos, Naxos and Crete. They are pre-Mycene at approximate 2000 […]

2008 05 08, Avebury

f 2008 waden hill

  Avebury, Wiltshire. (part 1) Succession And then there is this gift from heaven. The moment of appearance (may 8th 2008) was the day after the evening in which I threw the Stantonbury Hill article about sacred science on the world wide web. The relationship between these two events I consider to be an absolute en meaningful […]

2007 07 19, Martinsel Hill

f 2007 martinsel hill

  Martinsel Hill Gulf Oil Spill Disaster     Whether I want it or not, the relations that this crop formation seem to keep, don’t leave me in peace. To begin with, there is the clear similarity with the logo of oil giant British Petroleum. Soon after the appearing of the crop formation the similarity was […]

2007 07 10, Bournemouth Air...

f 2007 bournemouth

  Bournemouth Airport Some time before I drove off to England, I was caught by a report of a formation around a tree at the airport of Bournemouth. The report was done at under section “UK rumours”. During my crop circle vacation I kept an eye on this item because I expected more information […]

2007 07 11, Hat Gate Cottag...

f 2007 hat gate cottage

  Hat Gate Cottage, Savernake Forest  Insertion, attachment.    The Hat Gate Cottage formation shows without trouble a similarity with the organisation of the trigrams within the symbol of sacred science of Stantonbury Hill. In connection with this, I decided to also take a closer inspection at this formation. It is as if the Hat […]

2007 07 07, Stantonbury Hil...

f 2007 stantonbury hill

  Stantonbury Hill (part 1)  Sacred science     At the first appearance of this formation I was immediately associating it with the old Chinese I Tjing oracle. Understandable, the oracle is based on a dualistic universe the way it is expressed by the Yin Yang principle. In comprehension, a number of trigrams around the central […]

2003 07 20, Hackpen Hill

f 2003 hackpen hill

  Hackpen Hill. In order to understand this crop formation I first started to count these circles that form so nicely the outer ring. The outcome, number 32, didn’t immediately connect with me until I realised it is half of 64, a number that already for a long time speaks to me. From the centre […]