The meaning of Crop Circles

2014 6 24, West Kenneth Lon...

f 2014 west kenneth

West Kenneth, Longbarrow THE DATA POINT Thanks to the computer age, processing information in the field of statistics and related fields is based on the “data point”, also known as “observation”. In short, a data point is an elementary unit of data. When it comes to explaning this crop circle, that unmistakably represents a point […]

2012 8 26, Hackpen Hill, sh...

Hackpen Hill, 25-8-2012.

Hackpen Hill, THE SYSTEM This very brilliant formation has amazed people because of its superior design and its quality of accomplishment. It clearly represents the “grand final” of the season of a special year considered also final in some sense due to Mayan prophecy. Further analysis shows us even bigger superiority than one sees at […]

2017 7 18, Cley Hill nr War...

crop circle 2017 Cley Hill

Cley Hill nr Warminster Cley Hill, 2017 7 18. © cropcircleconnector CONVERSION Sometimes one needs to stare a relatively long time at a formation in order to be able to penetrate to its secret essence. For what this most beautiful formation of the 2017 season is concerned, I have come to realize that “conversion” wants […]

2017 4 24, Olivers Castle

Olivers Castle, 2017 4 24, © Hugh Newman.

Olivers Castle (nr Devizes) The formation in flowering rape seed reminds me to some discoveries I made about another rape seed formation that formed in May 2010 at Yarnbury Castle. The formation I’m referring to represents an eye in a keyhole, so, is obviously about spying. I had a long hard time to figure out […]

2016 7 30, Cley Hill near W...

Cley Hill - 2016

Crop circle showed perfect virus!   When from the Transology UFO connection I was asked if I knew a crop circle relating to the corona virus, I started looking in my crop circle file for such a formation. In addition to a number of, at first sight less convincing formations, I came across the Cley […]

2016 06 23, Ridgeway nr Hac...

Ridgeway, 2016

Ridgeway nr Hackpen Hill. The day before Britain would vote itself out of the European Union, this formation appeared. For a crop circle, the depiction is pretty clear. We see two sharks circling around a triquetra or Celtic triangle. The triquetra is said to represent life, death and rebirth.  One cannot escape the idea this […]

2016 05 6, East Kennett

f 2016 east kenneth

Hill Barn, East Kennett. This first UK formation of the 2016 season appears to me as an isolated pentagon. If I may be so free, a pentagon surrounded by circles of light. Circles of light is of course just associating. However, the shape of a pentagon is fact and it easily makes one associate further […]

2009 04 23, Rutlands Farm, ...

crop circle Rutlands Farm Avebury 2009

 Rutlands Farm, Avebury What never reached the front pages of important newspapers, while it actually should have been, is the bizarre appearance of a crop circle that gave expression to an astronomical phenomenon of great historical significance. As an artist, I have thought to address this event, again, to the attention of the public. In […]

2008 06 20, St Katharinenta...

crop circle Swiss 2008

 St Katharinental nr Diessenhofen, Swiss Germinal Force The formation is found next to the river Rhine at St Katharinental near Diessenhofen, Kanton Thurgau in Swiss. Its first impression is of swing and/or elegance. A flower with five petals. The formation reminds me of Wiltshires Honeystreet formation of 2004. This Honeystreet formation most likely represents the […]