The meaning of Crop Circles

The author

Although the name “crop circle university” suggests a big institute with many employees and stuff, it is mainly a one man organisation run by Randell Sarneel. That is me. A driven character that manages to dig deep into the unique and often highly intelligent dimensions of the crop circle phenomenon.

The author.

The author.

With suggesting this place to be a university, I am hoping to start something that may aswell grow in time towards a real education center, as one expects with such pretentious term. In fact, it can be considered a shame that, untill today, no mainstream organisations, such as the official universities, have come to accept the crop circle phenomenon as a scource of real progress for society and its welfare.

For now, my gesture can be considered a place to find mainly my own studies. Analysis that escape from the bulk of speculative sense and nonsense that is thrown onto the internet. It is in my nature to add very original material that also offers plausible  conclusions. I leave it to you, the reader, to judge this claim and hope it will help you further in your personal search for answers, if not, joy.