The meaning of Crop Circles

2012 8 26, Hackpen Hill, sh...

Hackpen Hill, 25-8-2012.

Hackpen Hill, THE SYSTEM This very brilliant formation has amazed people because of its superior design and its quality of accomplishment. It clearly represents the “grand final” of the season of a special year considered also final in some sense due to Mayan prophecy. Further analysis shows us even bigger superiority than one sees at […]

2017 7 18, Cley Hill nr War...

crop circle 2017 Cley Hill

Cley Hill nr Warminster Cley Hill, 2017 7 18. © cropcircleconnector Conversion Sometimes one needs to stare a relatively long time at a formation in order to be able to penetrate to its secret essence. For what this most beautiful formation of the 2017 season is concerned, I have come to realize that “conversion” wants […]

2017 4 24, Olivers Castle

Olivers Castle, 2017 4 24, © Hugh Newman.

Olivers Castle (nr Devizes) The formation in flowering rape seed reminds me to some discoveries I made about another rape seed formation that formed in May 2010 at Yarnbury Castle. The formation I’m referring to represents an eye in a keyhole, so, is obviously about spying. I had a long hard time to figure out […]

2016 7 30, Cley Hill near W...

Cley Hill - 2016

Crop circle showed perfect virus!   When from the Transology UFO connection I was asked if I knew a crop circle relating to the corona virus, I started looking in my crop circle file for such a formation. In addition to a number of, at first sight less convincing formations, I came across the Cley […]

2016 06 23, Ridgeway nr Hac...

Ridgeway, 2016

Ridgeway nr Hackpen Hill. The day before Britain would vote itself out of the European Union, this formation appeared. For a crop circle, the depiction is pretty clear. We see two sharks circling around a triquetra or Celtic triangle. The triquetra is said to represent life, death and rebirth.  One cannot escape the idea this […]

2016 05 6, East Kennett

f 2016 east kenneth

Hill Barn, East Kennett. This first UK formation of the 2016 season appears to me as an isolated pentagon. If I may be so free, a pentagon surrounded by circles of light. Circles of light is of course just associating. However, the shape of a pentagon is fact and it easily makes one associate further […]

2015 07 10, Winterbourne St...

f 2015 winterbourne

Winterbourne Stoke Down The formation looks like some super-governmental or military alliance emblem. The logo of Nato, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, comes close to it. It makes me believe the formation is maybe precursory of the United Nations remarkable event that would take place in New York, USA by the end of September, beginning […]

2015 07 6, Clearbury Ring

clearbury ring

 Clearbury Ring, Nunton. The Clearbury Ring formation can be considered the third of a serie of crop circles  that have similar elements to it. So similar that one would easily mix them up. The two earlier ones came both in the month before this one. First, there was the formation at Newton Barrow near Stoford. […]

2015 06 20, Cervia

f 2015 cervia b

  Cervia, waterski club, Italy As we keep close FB contact with each other, on  the evening of Friday 19th, the day before the crop circle was reported, Marina Sassi and I were chatting about the possibility for her to visit Wiltshire UK this season. She explained it had become impossible for her, so I […]

2015 06 14, Zevenbergen

f 2015 zevenbergen

  Merenswegje, Zevenbergen, Netherlands. Soon as I arrived on Tuesday 16, it occurred to me that this formation was much deeper into the field than usual with the Robbert van den Broeke formations. The field itself had never before been subject to a crop circle too. Wondering about a possible reason for the exception, I found it interesting […]

2015 04 28, Longway

f 2015 langeweg

  Longway near Oudenbosch. Then there was a thought about all-connecting Yin-power. I came to it by restudying the Greenstreet 2007 formation. At that moment the name “Robbert” came through which gave me the feeling a new crop formation was in the air. It took three days to land on the ground.    It would be […]

2014 11 23, Zegge/Woodshead

f 2014 zegge

 Zegge near Woodshead, the Netherlands. Boys, am I flabbergasted by the beauty of this formation!!! Not only its beauty has left me in awe, it was in a field of African marigolds! Also, powerful energies affected me as never before! The design of the formation seems to depict a dream-catcher. That’s what Robbert van den […]